Witch Queen Leslie M. McQuade
Alpha Ωmega 
High Priestess

Witch Queen Leslie McQuade presides over Alpha Ωmega and transmits Pagan rites, sacraments and esoteric mysteries supported by Wiccan, Isinian, and Stregherian lineages. 

High Priestess McQuade's Isinian lineages descend from the Isiac Mysteries of ancient Egypt preserved by Hermetic Masters, as well as from the modern Fellowship of Isis. Leslie is also a High Priestess of Stregheria Del Bosco Sacro di Nemi.

Witch Queen McQuade's Alexandrian Wiccan lineage descends directly from Janet Farrar thorough Sean McCabe, progenitor of the Hibernian line of Alexandrian Wicca.

Leslie is a trained geologist, archeologist, and applied anthropologist specializing in magick and spiritual empowerment.

Leslie’s extensive international experience as a field archaeologist and ethnographer, which includes digs for the Carnegie Mellon museum and the Japanese department of Education,  blends the best of academic discoveries in the field of Magick with down-to-earth practical applications learned from native practitioners around the world.