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– David Griffin & Leslie McQuade

Is your dream to…

  • Earn a six figure income?

  • Attract the perfect partner into your life?

  • Get rid of hidden blockages that are sabotaging your life?

  • Attract massive amounts of prosperity and abundance?

  • Get your business or career back on track?

If you seek real answers in areas like…

  • Your love life…

  • Business…

  • Or you’re seeking to open new doors whatever they may be!

  • Or you need desperate help to uncover lasting solutions to hidden obstacles.

  • Finding out what life events are in store for you in the next 6 to 12 months?

Then reserve your high value “Golden Dawn Private Guidance and Spells Training” session right now!

…Our highly popular private magical consultation session will deliver to you the missing key that unlocks the door to the life you’ve mapped out in your dreams, but haven’t been able to attain yet.

We will Mentor you in a special 1.5 hour in depth Private Consultation so you can manifest your desires and get the results you seek – not some distant time in the future…but now!

Read what some everyday people have had to say about our Private Consultation sessions:

“My business was failing. Golden Dawn Tarot revealed the development in astonishing detail. I made a few simple changes and saved my business.” – Marty K,  Chico, CA

“After only one session, I used a spell to attract a specific kind of man.. Found him! We’re a good fit in everything (but football!).” –Susanne M – Taos, NM

“My temper cost me job after job. David and Leslie’s anger control spell works like a charm though.” – Beate B, Berlin, Germany

“My Magick wasn’t working. Now it’s like lightning.” – Ralph M. Austin, TX

“I’ve had Private consultations with well-known Tarot readers, Divination experts, and Magicians before. This was the most unique and accurate system I have ever experienced, I’d say 98% spot on! And the results came fast!” – Carol E, Burlington, Vermont

Golden Dawn Private Guidance and Spells Training Consultation shows you how to change the energy of your environment for immediate, long-lasting results! Whatever it may be…

The Ancient Secrets of Golden Dawn Tarot and Clairvoyance meet the modern marvel of the Genius Mind tapping into the God-Force in the most amazing Private Consultation Sessions you will ever experience…

Unlock all doors and dissolve all obstacles…in our highly acclaimed very popular 60+ minutes private consultation session.

You will gain proper direction so you can reach your dreams your goals and discover your personal roadmap to attract and achieve prosperity, happiness and a life filled with abundance.

Does any of the following apply to you right now?

  • Does your love life disappoint you?

  • Are you running short of money?

  • Are you stuck in a rut and feel you may never escape it?

  • Are you a victim of being taken advantage of in private life or in business?

  • Is your day to day life a struggle to make ends meet?

  • Do you feel annoyed with your present situation and frustrations?

  • Do you seek to right a wrong that has been done to you?

  • Would you like to know what’s in store for you in the future, and to be able to make changes that you want?

  • Is there anything about your life in which you need answers, solutions and the option to make the right decisions?

  • Or do you have just about everything except real satisfaction and happiness in your life?

If your answer is yes to any of these genuine questions that people just like you face daily then read on.

You have landed on this page for a reason, so this is for you!

And it is entirely different from any other magical consultation you have ever experienced or tried before.

By the time you finish reading this and think more deeply about it in your mind,

… You will know what to do and the way to change your life in any manner you wish.

… You get access to walk through a door that was once only reserved for the select inner order members to benefit from.

Perhaps before now, you were feeling a little lost and searching for a way to navigate to a more prosperous more abundant, and more enjoyable life, in every possible way…

Our Private Guidance and Spells Training Consultations give you just that.

Mary W. of Boston, Massachusetts anticipated losing her job in a company Merger and Acquisition.

She decided she needed help and sought us out by taking our private consultation.

We dove in and uncovered the most urgent obstacles facing her as well as hidden blockages, assessed upcoming events in her chosen timeline, revealed person/s vital to her aide and plotted a life navigational map according to magical principles.  

Within months she was invited to interview for a Senior Director of Marketing role with a 20% increase in pay.

She was given the option of staying in Boston working at the company’s satellite Office or moving down to Florida, all expenses paid and relocation costs covered.

Our Consultation showed that relocation would offer her not only a better career but that she would enjoy a more prosperous and abundant life if she did.

That was 8 months ago.

Mary contacted us recently and wrote:

“If I hadn’t taken the plunge and enrolled in your Private Consultation I probably would still be in Boston, desperately searching for a better job and worrying about my future all the while valuable time to pass me.

I am so very grateful and satisfied with your help in the consultation, it uncovered my life map and navigated me towards my dreams, new goals and unlocked the abundance I know I wanted but wasn’t sure how to get.”

And that’s not all. Mary’s husband Paul used the “The Surgical Spellcasting System” we include as part of the consultation and saw immediate improvements in his own company and personal finances. 

His business skyrocketed from selling three security systems a month to eleven!

Using the system, he determined the best Spell for personal success.

In that consultation we uncovered something harming his success. He had a beautiful crystal vase that had belonged to his Grandmother, he had been displaying this vase prominently in his office with plastic flowers.

Unbeknownst to him, the vase had a crack on the bottom and a quarter inch gap had appeared.

According to Auric field principles, the “energetic field” of that vase along with the plastic flowers harmed his success.

“I always felt I was going a couple of steps forward, but several steps back,” he said.

He had the vase carefully repaired, added real roses, then utilized our recommended abundance and prosperity spell and immediately saw substantial improvements. 

His business grew 300%. It was no longer cracked. 

Could there be something in your home or office seeping out your finances? Is there something you can do to create a dramatic increase for the better?

Tina E. of Berkely, California made changes to her husband’s used washing machine business. Sales instantly increased from six washing machines to fourteen washing Machines per month.

“My net worth doubled in ten months.” – Pieter A. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Maybe even keeping you trapped from where you want to be.

… When you have read these few pages in entirety, you will recognize why our magical Private Guidance Consultation above all others, will reshape your future…

… and the way you wanted it to be, and give you insights and critical glimpses about your life past present and future to provide you with the absolute advantage…

Putting the power of positive change back in your hands.

From unique ancient secret Hermetic and Rosicrucian sources like the Golden Dawn some old, some new, discover simple, powerful steps to to master your destiny.

This method works!

Many that have gained access to our Private consultations will attest to this!

There is one genuine danger for you in unlocking the solutions to the issues your life may be facing.

By working with us with our full consultation, the danger is that after that everything will be so easy for you to get, to achieve, to find, to discover, to surpass, to win over to you, to accomplish, to gain from…

That you may become lazy due to the much more comfortable and enjoyable life, you will be living!

Once you unlock the secrets to your destiny by uncovering the issues that have been facing you, that has been frustrating you, that have been keeping you back, and making you feel helpless and endlessly unresolvable.

Once you master the information and knowledge handed to you, practically anything and everything in your life will not only begin to drop more readily into your lap, but new doors of incredible opportunity and astounding satisfaction will start to appear and open before you like never before!

Do you have problems created by something in your environment?

Career problems?

Relationship problems?

Family problems?

How would you know? How would you fix it?

Leslie was trained in Spellwork by an Ona in Okinawa and was introduced to the other Onas and Yuta (shamans) for further advanced training.

Already a practicing Witch, Leslie became a master in Spellwork and Low Magick.

So once we met, with me coming from the High Magick of the Golden Dawn, we suddenly had all of the magical bases covered, Low Magick and High Magick together.

A complete tool chest, and with our combined experiences and abilities in Magick we further researched, implemented and rediscovered secret “lost” principles and techniques in Magick, Tarot & Divination that we tested on ourselves and then put to use to benefit hundreds of our students, just like you.

I’d like to turn this over to Leslie to say a few words…

“In the early days of my occult journey, I was just an ordinary American woman from a coal mining town in West Virginia; working long hours, studying diligently and struggling to make ends meet at College, with little chance of seeing any changes in my monetary and overall lifestyle.

Although I had big dreams I had also seen many others before me, my peers fail.

I knew I didn’t want to spend all these years studying so hard working just to make ends meet in my spare time putting so much effort into gaining knowledge but not knowing for sure how to lay down a path to reach my goals.

My health wasn’t perfect due to the many hours I was putting in and the lack of sleep, I always seem to be short of cash.

I had no car, no television, and just a few pieces of simple furniture and although I wasn’t exactly poor.

I was an ordinary American struggling to make ends meet desperately searching for a more efficient way, and more guarantees to point me in the right direction to achieve my full potential and goals.

But I was bold!

I was not scared to try new things, to seek new knowledge for myself, and to go on adventures to learn even more even though there was no guarantee of being able to continue funding my studies and journeys.

Gradually, as I went overseas and as I studied with several real magicians, real shamans and holy women in many lands. I learned to apply the practical teachings of these old healers, psychics, and the occultists.

Somewhere along the line, I met David Griffin, Rosicrucian Imperator and Chief Adept in the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, who impressed me with his vast knowledge on western Hermetic Magick as well as his very advanced magical abilities.

We literally clicked and commenced our quest together to find the secret that had evaded those that came before us for so many decades.

Being both magically proficient we systematically began building a cohesive system where we could map out a better strategy using the dominant spiritual and magical energies of the Universe, and God-Force…for manifesting what we wanted and needed in life!

We discovered a more efficient and useful process that virtually guaranteed ourselves the results we had been seeking to improve our life situation in every possible way.

Putting together the very best elements of Golden Dawn Tarot & Magical knowledge we had in various systems we had mastered, along with renewed in-depth research into newly discovered magical texts…

… From ancient Grimoires David translated from foreign languages to lessons learned from Magicians and Holy persons in various lands, we came to assemble an extraordinarily useful and…

…results-producing system that has helped take us both in the few short years that we applied it, from ordinary Americans that were just making ends meet into a very comfortable, rewarding prosperous and abundant lifestyle for us both.

We had indeed achieved the prosperity filled and abundance attracting lifestyle we had mapped out for ourselves, using this unique fast acting powerful system we had assembled.”

These short paragraphs above are not about boasting on our part. I have told you about Leslie and me to show you that our private consultation systems are no pie on the sky and no carrot on a stick.

When you meet someone, an occultist, a magician or a consultant working in the esoteric field ask yourself this one critical question “if it’s so good, why doesn’t he or she do it him or herself”?

Check into his or her background a little to see if her situation backs up their claims.

We are precisely where we had always dreamed of being, successful Magicians, Spiritual Leaders, Consultants, Rosicrucian leaders, Christian Bishops and High Witches helping people just like you to also attain a life of prosperity and abundance, whatever that may be!

“Your fortune and happiness come from three very different sources”
says Rosicrucian Chief Adept Leslie McQuade

  • Origin Birth Luck: 1/3 comes at birth from destiny. Some call it karma, and this is the hardest to change. This involves your religious beliefs (whatever belief you have) and your spiritual practice (going to church, Magical training, meditating, studying with spiritual leaders, and even ritual practices such as Golden Dawn ).

  • Daily Luck: 1/3 comes from our own everyday experience and day-to-day human interactions. It is the easiest to influence and fix this aspect of your life when using our personal learning courses such as HOGD membership and Spellwork Mastery.

  • Earth Plane Luck1/3 comes from the Earth Plane — the influence of the environment around you. And this, by far, is the easiest to change. “If you open the flow of energy in your personal space, you will get better results in everything you attempt.”

Leslie and I are very adamant.

People who are still stuck and in a rut after doing years of spiritual exercises or rituals and years of working on their private selves definitely have a problem on the Earth plane level.

“Most changes on this level can be made in a matter of minutes, and you can feel the results after a few hours.”

If you’ve already strengthened your energy using the Rosicrucian Magick of Light in the HOGD or if you have already changed your behavior through our other courses, our private consultation will create swift, highly targeted results for you!

These Special Private Consultations Are the Answer to Reaching Your Goals and Finding Solutions Quickly.

In this modern world, where all seems hopeless for so many people feeling lost and frustrated, only a couple of people seem to stand out in the crowd.

These people seem to sail through life very effortlessly achieving everything they desire…

They are always cheerful, they seem to have prosperity and abundance. They get whatever they need whenever they want, ever the center of a circle of attention and surrounded by admiring friends.

The difficulties of everyday life, the financial burdens most people need to deal with, the dance of dealing with a stressful job or a demanding boss or the unplanned that we go through in this mundane world, just doesn’t seem to touch them, and they seem to enjoy incredible amounts of luck.

However is it really just luck that makes their life so effortless, so harmonious and enjoyable?

What secret do these few people have that makes their lives run so smoothly?

The easy answer is that these people have found the secret whether they know it or not of how to use the occult to uncover potential problems resolving past issues…

Formulating solutions practically and magically…

And with this knowledge, they are able to map out the shortest most prosperous way to attain the abundance and life that is their goal and dreams…

And having this secret at their fingertips, they can also navigate around any present or upcoming obstacles in their lives and therefore never become impacted negatively by these obstacles.

Now it’s your Turn to benefit, and we can take you by the hand and in one session show you how…

All you need to do is take action while this special offer is available, click the button and let’s get started!

These obstacles won’t be blocking your path to success anymore…

Compare this with the ordinary person who collides with obstacles and then needs to find a way to struggle through it.

This could take years and even then, they may stay stuck…and never have the necessary tools and technologies needed to catapult their lives into a beautiful adventure filled rewarding and satisfaction filled experiences.

However…You, on the other hand, now have the opportunity to soon navigate your way to a more rewarding fulfilling life! Starting today!

And even if you are exceptionally financially well-off and wealthy…

You may not have attained your maximum potential or your ideal prosperous and abundant life regarding relationships, love, loyal friendships…

… or haven’t the level of happiness and enjoyment or satisfaction in life that even with wealth you thought would bring you…something vital has eluded you or has kept it from you.

You probably already know this…

Like a ship sailing aimlessly through the oceans having a vague idea of which land you want to reach but looking at the horizon you have no way of navigating in the right direction towards it…sailing in darkness, sailing blind there is no way of knowing how to reach your destination.

You may be sailing through life in circles, aimlessly, in frustration, and taking vast amounts of resources and time in unnecessary waste.

Just because you don’t have all the tools needed to succeed… Failure was inevitable.

But You don’t need to.

You can get your hands on the tools and advanced technologies needed to succeed, and you can do all that right now – TODAY!

You can attain the fastest route to resolve any undesirable situation to a favorable one for you and achieve a life of prosperity, satisfaction, and abundance that you want and need today!

What you always needed but never had until now…was an accurate compass to navigate successfully with.

But even better is having professional navigators that know how to use this compass with all their experience and expertise of the waters ahead to guide you in an even faster more accurate guaranteed way directly to your desired result!

Every ship has a captain, every boat has sailors, but without skilled, seasoned navigators, they would never reach their destination in the fastest, safest and most guaranteed way.

Some run aground and become simply lost… NOT YOU THOUGH!

And this is what we can do for you!

When you need fast, reliable change, nothing trumps expert help. And who better to turn to when it really matters than Rosicrucian leaders of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn?

Let Leslie McQuade and I help you get to the bottom of your problem, then show you how to use focused effective Magick to overcome obstacles and manifest the change you seek.

Leslie and I have the proven tools and advanced technologies to help you take control of your destiny, design the life you REALLY want to live, and then actually make it happen.

Look – We don’t know everything there is to know about everything, and we are red-blooded Americans and human beings on this planet just like you are. However…

We’ve put everything we’ve learned in our combined 74 years in Magick into a simple and powerfully effective private training system for you.

We started teaching this process to others, blending in some of the very best powerful Magick techniques we’ve learned and developed over the years, and was overjoyed when THEY got terrific results as well…

2747 satisfied clients so far and counting!

And that’s why we’d like to present to you a life-changing opportunity to upgrade to our exclusive result producing private training package

We want YOU to get the terrific results you’ve been seeking, just like the people you read about in the testimonials!

The Sacred Sustenance System
(a $147 value)

If you ever feel drained or low on energy, you’ll absolutely love these fast, easy ways to draw natural energy from your surroundings—no matter where you are, or how tired you feel!

Just use the Sacred Sustenance Techniques to tap into the vast energy of the Universe around you whether you’re at home, at work, in the car or out for a walk.

…and charge your own aura with pure, clean energy that’s sure to keep you driven and excited about life throughout the day! After that, you’ll discover …

The Aura Reading Assessment
(a $147 value)

Often times, the physical problems and struggles we run into are the result of metaphysical “snags” that we can’t perceive with the naked eye.

Problem is, we wind up taking medicine and going to doctors who try to solve problems…when they don’t even the know the REAL cause!

With our Aura-Reading Assessment process, we’ll use our specialized skills to diagnose your Aura (your energy body) to identify when and where different problems you’re facing have their origins.

  That way, we can know precisely where to work to treat those issues at the root, rather than just providing symptomatic treatment (which tends to cause other, secondary problems anyway!) Next, you’ll get your hands on…

The Destiny Divination
(a $147 value)

In all our years of working with students, one thing Leslie and I have seen over and over.

Is that people tend to struggle with identifying precisely what they want—and more importantly, whether what they think they want is actually what will bring them the fulfilment, joy, love, and abundance they’re seeking to begin with.

With our Destiny Divination Process, we’re going to delve deep into the inner workings of your mind and heart…Discover what truly motivates, drives and empowers you…and use our abilities to take a peek into your future!

Doing this shows us whether the path you’re on will indeed lead you to what you seek…or down an unexpected road that leads nowhere at all.

Once we have a crystal-clear picture of your own personal path of empowerment, it’ll be easy, simple, straightforward and FUN to create a roadmap to your ultimate destiny!

This incredible process will clear out all the confusion and cobwebs that have held you back from reaching your goal in the past.

…and show you exactly how to get where you’ve always wanted to go! After that, we’ll dive into…

The Time-Tested Tarot Method
(a $147 value)

Leslie and I have an extensive background in Magick and Tarot systems that span centuries of development – and from all systems across the world.

We’ve found that, when done by experts, it’s an incredibly powerful tool to hone in on the exact “sticking points” blocking you from reaching your goals—as well as highlighting potential futures depending on which road you take.

This way, you’ll know where your current efforts will lead…as well as the tools you can use to change direction if that’s what you need before you hit a disaster! Next, we’ll reveal…

The Surgical Spellcasting System
(a $147 value)

This is REALLY where the rubber meets the road…

Once we’ve tuned your intentions to your exact desires, we’re going to design a specific, individual ritual for you that will take the power of your own mind, your own heart, and your own deepest wishes to create the perfect spell for YOU.

Leslie and I aren’t armchair magicians—or hotline psychics.

We’re not going to just read a Spell or two from an ancient dusty tome we found on the internet and pass it off as real, practical, powerful Magick.

Instead, we’ll use our decades of successful magical experience to weave an incredible, hard-hitting Spell, custom tailored for you.

We firmly believe that the most potent Magick comes from within…and once we work with you to manifest your wishes.

…to effortlessly attract incredible wealth, high self-esteem, passionate love and connection, the perfect job, or whatever else your heart desires…the results will just astound you!

And that’s just a taste of what you’ll discover during our private meeting (via Skype). It’s already been changing lives…but don’t just take my word for it! Have a look for yourself:

But I can’t help you if you don’t make the first step…

So what are you waiting for?

TODAY ONLY: Click the enroll now button below and get 1/2 OFF what everyone else has to pay. Let’s get you the life you’ve always wanted to live –Today!

Enrollment in this top tier Guidance and Spells Private Training is strictly limited.

We’ve seen robes, crystals, and wands that cost THREE TO FIVE TIMES the price of this training all by themselves!

Heck, you could easily shell out tens of thousands of dollars on books, tools, implements and more…without getting anywhere CLOSE to the results, you’ll get after one session with us.

In fact, we’d be perfectly justified in charging more than least twice this much for this life-changing service. And we have in the past…

But we really DO want to help as many people as possible, and we know that times can be tough in today’s world.

That’s why—for now—we’ve lowered the price down to just one secure payment of $249 for a LIFETIME of fantastic results.

And all you’ve got to do to get your hands on this highest tier magical instruction available is click on the button below to reserve your spot TODAY!

Thanks for reading this letter and we can’t WAIT to hear from you…so reserve your spot today, and we look forward to helping you create a more rewarding, prosperous and abundant life you deserve!

In freedom, honor, and truth,

David Griffin & Leslie McQuade
Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn®
Alpha Ωmega Rosicrucian Mystery School


One Session VIP Private Training Includes:
  • The Sacred Sustenance Process

  • The Aura Reading Assessment

  • The Destiny Divination

  • The Time Tested Tarot Method

  • The Surgical Spellworking System

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