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About Us

Alpha Ωmega is a free church 26 U.S.C. 508 (c)(1)(A) headquartered in the USA dedicated to the revival and transmission of the baptisms, rites, and sacraments of lost Magick of Jesus rediscovered by archeologists in 1769. To this end we provide traditional  magical rites, religious sacraments, mysteries, and courses. Here at Alpha Ωmega, we baptize not merely with the baptism of water of John the Baptist as do most other churches. We also communicate the 3 secret baptisms Jesus used to initiate his disciples into the higher mysteries. These are Jesus' baptism of the Water of life, Jesus' Baptism of Fire, and Jesus' Baptism of the Holy Spirit.

AΩ additionally provides daily sunrise ritual from Jesus ancient Magick for the "Opening of the Treasury" of light, which we broadcast live world-wide. These we rebroadcast alternating with our weekly free Magick teaching videos, every hour on the hour and on the half hour 24/7/365 on 14 social media channels.

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Alpha Ωmega transmits esoteric Christian rites, sacraments and mysteries through Bishop David J. Griffin.

You can learn more about Esoteric Christianity here.

Learn more about Bishop Griffin (Tau Ioannes) here.

Learn more about Rev. Leslie McQuade (archeologist, anthropologist, and AΩ High Priestess) here.

Learn more lines of Apostolic Succession supporting the work of Alpha Ωmega through Bishop Griffin here.

In addition to Christian successions, Alpha Ωmega also holds a vast repository of other arcane lineages and esoteric transmissions. These include various Freemasonic, Martinist, Hermetic, Rosicrucian, and Wiccan charters, and esoteric transmissions deriving from of the Golden and Rosy Cross Order of 18th Century Germany, the Asiatic Brethren, the Rosicrucian Society of Backstrom, the Freres Ainees de la Rose Croix (FAR+C), the Reaux Croix, and the Rose Cross of Egypt (Rose Croix d'Orient).

We provide provide courses and study classes in our Alpha Ωmega Mystery School, including ordination and consecration into the Episcopate for qualified candidates.

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The greatest preachers and prophets of days gone by talked about and longed for days when people around the world would suddenly begin awakening spiritually in unparalleled numbers. And it’s happening right before our eyes!
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