Jesus answered unto his Disciples:
“These Mysteries which I shall give unto you, guard them and do not give them to any man except he is worthy. Do not give the to father or mother, or brother, or sister, or relative, or for food, or for drink, or for a woman, or for gold, or for anything of this world” – Second IAOE 43:2

Esoteric Christianity

In Ptolemaic Egypt, the city of Alexandria became a melting pot for culture, religion, and spirituality. From Alexandria, the spiritual secrets of ancient Egypt poured forth into Greece and Rome, where they were preserved across centuries by Pythagorean and Hermetic Masters.

With the rise of Christianity, Masters of the Alexandrian Mystery School carefully encoded ancient Egypt’s secret spiritual mysteries in the symbols and rites of the new religion, where hidden, they survived intact.

According to Esoteric Christianity, Jesus Christ transmitted more than one message. There was a public level of teaching for the multitudes, but there were also secret teachings and spiritual practices the Master taught only to his inner circle of disciples. These are the surviving “Secret Teachings of Christ.”

Early Christianity was neither as uniform nor as monolithic as you might imagine. After baptizing and training his Inner core of disciples, Jesus Christ sent them forth as Apostles to teach and to baptize. Over the passage of time, this resulted in huge differences of doctrine and practice from one place to the other.

Constantine changed all this with the Council of Nicea, where they decided which teachings, rites, etc. were to become part and parcel of the official canon of the forming Orhodoxy.

Thus the Secret Teachings of Christ to his Disciples were declared heretical and suppressed. Miraculously, instead they survived largely intact as an underground stream of “esoteric Christianity,” preserved and transmitted by the faithful in secret, outside the pale of Orthodoxy.


The Secret Teachings of Jesus

John the Baptist (referring to the coming of Jesus) said:

“I baptize you with water for repentance, but after me will come One more powerful than I, whose sandals I am not worthy to carry. He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and with fire.” – Matthew 3:11

Today, Christian churches around the world universally practice the water Baptism of John. But what of these coming baptisms of Spirit and Fire to which John refers?

Esoteric Christianity has preserved all 3 Secret Baptisms of Christ, reputed to have been the actual rites Jesus Christ used to baptize his inner core of disciples! The first of these three secret Baptisms (Water) awakens the Divine Spark of God-Force within you. The second (Fire) fully ignites this God-Force energy and strengthens your connection with it. The third of these ancient Baptisms of Christ (Spirit) prepares you to ascend in the hour of death into what Christ called the “Treasuries of Light.”

The Secret Teachings of Jesus Christ To His Disciples contain not merely secret Baptismal Rites, but entire Magical systems for higher consciousness and ascension into these “Treasuries of Light.”

Relinquished to the dust bin of history for centuries, Alpha Ωmega free church today proudly transmits the Secret Teachings of Jesus Christ, from the 3 Secret Baptisms of Christ to the ancient Rapture Magick of Ascension.

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