Jesus said to his disciples who were gathered to him, the twelve with the women disciples; “Surround me, my twelve disciples and women disciples, so that I say to you the Great Mysteries of the Treasury of the Light”

– Second IAOE 2:42

Leslie McQuade

Ordained on June 24, 2019, Rev. Leslie McQuade presently serves as High Priestess at Alpha Ωmega.

Rev. McQuade is a trained geologist, archeologist, and anthropologist specializing in Magick and spiritual empowerment. Leslie’s skill in experimental archeology and applied anthropology have been essential in the reconstruction and revival of the rites of the Higher Mysteries the Master Jesus Christ taught his disciples in the First and Second Books of IAOE.

Rev. McQuade’s extensive international experience as a field archaeologist and ethnographer, which includes digs for the Carnegie Mellon museum and the Japanese department of Education, blends the best of academic discoveries in the field of Magick with down-to-earth practical applications learned from native practitioners around the world.

Prior to finding the Lost Magick of Jesus, Leslie conducted research leading to the reconstruction and revival of several rites from the ancient Pagan world. Leslie additionally holds several esoteric lineages and transmissions, including Hermetic, Rosicrucian and Alexandrian Wiccan.

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