The Lost Angel Magick of Jesus Christ

“Comes Again – 2021”

The Lost Angel Magick of Jesus Christ, our most highly anticipated new class, begins priority enrollment on St. John’s Day (June 24. 2021)

The Second Coming of Jesus’ Magick is a discovery of unparalleled proportions. In this groundbreaking NEW! course, we introduce you to the Lost Magick of Jesus, as rediscovered in Egypt by archeologists in 1769 in the Bruce Codex (today housed in the Bodelian Library at Oxford).

Discover the lost mysteries of the Secret Teachings of Jesus to his Disciples. In this course, we teach you how to use Jesus’ lost Angel Magick system as contained in the First Book of IAOE.

Upon finishing this course, you will be prepared with everything you need to use Jesus’ Angel Magick on your own.

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