Truly I say to you, if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move; and nothing will be impossible to you. – Matthew 17:20

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As for the heavens, as for the depths of a man who philosophise,

Reaching the everchanging winds, in which we sail adventorously,

Unmuted rythmical breath, clapping the humming tune,

As the way for us spreads out, in true love.

I pray for reason, and I pray to be sound minded and healthy. Wealthy and generous.

Received: October 26, 2021


Hello, and welcome to the prayer for my health. In this prayer, I must ask of you to allow me to acheive contact with Angels. And that God thus favors me. I am in need of a better health spiritually mentally and physically.

I am the first who managed to formalize the orientations of timetravel within our capable hands. By this you will know me, I made a clear contribution. I will continue with the work, and you may pray that I get together with all the right people, and soon.

For love, cus she (love) is the highest of affirmations that we recognize in human sphere.

Let me become who I was so destined to be.

Received: October 26, 2021

Johnni McCloskey

Please pray for the safe and speedy return of my 5 children, stolen by social services on 26-09-19. They are: Melody (age 11), Keiran and Ronan (Twins - age 10), Caolan (6) and Phelan (5). My eldest child Ryan (15) has been returned home to me wsithin the last month, the rest are in foster care, but are effectively prisoners of the state. All 6 children were taken based upon one 'unexplained bruise', which was proven in court not to have been inflicted by myself, as their lone parent. Still the state holds on to them, based upon character assassination of myself, lies, deception, parental alienation, including prompting and brainwashing of the children into believing foster care is better than returning to their real home - where they are only loved unconditionally without payment from the state. Please pray that my children themselves awaken to the soft prisons they are being held in, while the bars are invisible - these are prisons all the same - and pray that all involved in this mass deception receive their due karma. Thank you.

Received: October 24, 2021

Eliseo Escoto M.'.

Por mi despertar espiritual en la senda del ocultismo que estoy despertando en mi , que la estrella elemental gire en vez de estar punta hacia abajo como elementos sobre mi como prácticamente toda mi vida lo he trabajado , suba y ascienda hacia arriba para poder entender mejor estos nuevos procesos que estoy viviendo actualmente iniciáticamente hablando y como persona

por mi ahora ex esposa Viridiana ... por mi pequeño hijo Uriel de 6 años

por mi .. y mis pasiones y apegos ... y sobre todo por la sabiduría para poder desvelar el arcano con entendimiento y LVX.'. que así sea sea echa la luz .. AMEN

Received: October 20, 2021

Javier alexis Moreno torrealba

Obispo han persistido mis dolencias y insonnio mucho dolor en el riñon izquierdo en los huesos y en la espalda lado derecho muy escaso de energia deseo que ore por mi tambien el tema de prosperidad ayudenme por favor

Received: October 19, 2021

Leodes Wesley

I pray that the Catholic church will come clean about the hidden truth of Jesus and reincarnation. I pray that they end corona, by for filling the truth of the prophecy and let there be heaven on earth for the thousand years, no one is ready to go to the second kingdom because of separation with race, religion and political politics of poll-ution. I pray we meet really want to the truth of the manuscripts the church of pedophilia has hidden.

Received: October 15, 2021

Javier alexis Moreno torrealba

Les escribo debido a que solicito ayuda con mis dolencias de salud como los problemas respiratorios y el dolor en el riñon izquierdo ademas de dolor en la espalda del lado derecho en la parte superior y que oren por mi el obispo grifim para la prosperidad ayudeme obispo se que usted es un verdadero representante de la iglesia en la tierra yo se que usted es un verdadero cristiano ore por siempre mi nombre es javier moreno soy de barquisimeto estado lara venezuela tengo proyectos de viaje espero que con su bendicion pueda llegar a inglaterra pronto y visitarlo en estado unidos y ir a su templo e bautizarme o iniciarme y servir en su iglesia estudie con los mormones y los testigos de jehova y siempre me hacia preguntas como eran los cristianos primitivos y no encontre mucha informacion obispo si puede enviarme alguna informacion sobre el cristianismo primitivo se lo agradezco tambien cuando estuve con los mormones y les preguntaba sobre el kolob o el hipocephalus y decian que no se pidia enter y no me convencio pero usted tiene las respuestas que busco por favor ayudeme ore por mi para poder tener prosperidad para poder estudiar y aprender en su intituto

Received: October 10, 2021


Amen,Jesus is Lord,pray for me in the fight against false doctrine who do not confess Jesus blood in salvation but using own victims bless,keijo sweden

Received: October 6, 2021

Edgar David Steinleitner

I pray to be a powerful witch a energy practicioner that can bend the forces of nature according to the will of creation

Received: October 4, 2021

Edgar David Steinleitner

I pray to know more of Jesus Christ and his magikal rituals I have studied angelic beings and trying understand his path of life more deeply

Received: October 4, 2021

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