Truly I say to you, if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move; and nothing will be impossible to you. – Matthew 17:20

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DJP aka Therun

I pray for the Highest Good for the Dynamic Duo and Dream Team who have taught me about God Force Energy! I give an example of how God Force Energy has helped me today; I needed to get my vehicle that I'm buying from my mom inspected to get the vehicle registration for 2021 renewed and the place where I take it had just closed but I concentrated hard on God Force Energy and lo and behold, the place arranged for the inspector to come back and helped me get it and in a hectic day I got it all done with my vehicle registration for 2021! I could really, really feel the power of God Force Energy today because that was rather miraculous! I just concentrated on God Force Energy and I called the garage's office as they had earlier in the day told me they would be open until 3 PM and it was 2 PM, man, I did a terrific sales pitch since my mom is disabled and she needs to be there since she is still technically the owner of the van and I thought of God Force Energy really hard while I talked to the Office Manager and she told me she would help us out so it was done!

I watched two Rituals as I brought up 02/21/21 Ritual thinking it was today and then I found today 02-28's Restream from 2019 but decided there was something there I needed to hear. Man, that music was pretty cool so I pray that the Dream Team bring it back regularly for the Ritual! I pray a prayer of thanksgiving for the Dream Team mentioning especially the Queen of her Sect of Alexandrian Witches, HPS Leslie and Bishop David, my first name sake as well who is a blessed dude as David means "Blessed" in Hebrew! I pray for the health of my mom who is getting frail I know it and see it! Before he died my late father who died in 2005 in our last conversation asked me to look after mom as the only child and I can say I'm doing that so I pray for the soul of my late dad because there was a period of misunderstanding and strained relationship between us but before he died, we came together and all was fine between us as his final gift to me. I feel God Force Energy running through me like electricity! All is ok! Blessings to all and to all, good night!

Received: March 1, 2021

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