Truly I say to you, if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move; and nothing will be impossible to you. – Matthew 17:20

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I prayed for this

Prayed for 2 times.


First I pray that YouTube Big Tech will quit removing my comments and likes for the Daily Ritual like they appear to have done again today!

2nd, I again pray that the Dream Team's physical needs be met and that contributions to them exceed their expectations! I have had to give up on the contribution idea for awhile as I was furloughed for a week WITHOUT PAY DUE TO WEATHER CONDITIONS but in the lack can feel God Force Energy working as things are actually getting better at my job with tools being provided that will allow me to at least have a better time and have some stability in my employment!

3rd, I pray for an employee I encountered at Trader Joe's who was acting paranoid about the social distancing and masking deal which like many people stresses me out! Since the dude looked like a football player in his prime, I commented to him that I at physical middle age, I have more to worry about than him thinking he was another one of the Biden freaks who are so COVID conscious but devoid of common sense. He then told me he had had COVID and despite his looks was actually undergoing serious health challenges teaching me a lesson on Compassion that I was meant to hear. Therefore, I pray for this dude's health and well being and that he not get sick again but that he stay stronger and better in aspects of his health than expected!

4th, I must mention prayer of gratitude for a $25 gift card that I mysteriously found while cleaning off my desk that ACTUALLY HAD IN-STORE CREDIT AVAILABLE AT ACADEMY sporting goods store so I went and bought a thermal top and a stocking cap with the Spurs name on it BOTH ON CLEARANCE SO I ONLY PAID $2 FOR THEM. This inspired me to show compassion for my frail mom whose health and well being I pray for who happens to be gluten intolerant like Bishop David mentioned this wk, in providing some thermal warmth in thermal tops for her as in her old age, she has become cold due to circulatory issues. 3 weeks before my dad passed in 2005, in our last conversation on this earth, my dad told me to look after her as he knew he wasn't going to make it while I was so in denial. My father was exposed to Agent Orange in Vietnam which was a diabolical carcinogen which guaranteed he couldn't beat cancer so I pray as always for his soul and that he knows I'm pretty much looking after her now like he would have done if he was alive and able to do so! My mom is a fundamentalist from the Bible belt tradition of fire and brimstone which sometimes gets negative but her church did help her out when my dad died better than most so I give them that and pray a prayer of thanksgiving for them as they feel COVID 19 is the end of the world so I get to hear their sermons as my mom plays them twice a week full blast!

I mention a prayer for HPS Leslie in particular now for her lovely feet that I got to view in the summer, 2019 Replay on Sunday as she showed them walking on desert earth there. I pray that she get to do that again this summer and that the Dream Team play some cool, meditative music like they did then again for the holidays especially! I pray that the Dynamic Duo always be protected because I guarantee the globalists and Islamics would like to kill you both for how you bring up their slavery crimes BECAUSE THEY PROFIT FROM IT AND FIND FREEDOM TO BE A FINANCIAL DOWNER FOR THEM!

Last, I pray that God Force Energy inspire the Dream Team to pick up that wheel barrow lying on its side instead of straight up in the northeast area of Columnhenge as it makes the grounds look a little junkie in their Rituals and set it aright so that when it rains they can catch some rain water in it too as I suspect that is what those wheel barrows are for! Blessings all around!

Received: March 3, 2021

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